Company History & Recent Events

We have a rich 100+ year history in better-for-you snacking.  It all started in 1913 when Dutch immigrant A.C. “Hoody” Hoodenpyle started selling peanuts from a cart on the streets of Oregon.  Over the years, we have acquired and integrated several successful businesses in the snack nut, trail mix and dried fruit space including: Flavor House, Nutcracker Brands, Amport Foods and Ann’s House of Nuts.  At the heart of each of these companies was a commitment to food safety and quality, operational excellence, innovation, continuous improvement and superior customer service and these remain the hallmarks of our business today.  

We are fortunate to have Atlas Holdings as our new owners as of August 2019, reestablishing Flagstone Foods as a standalone business.  Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut and founded in 2002, Atlas and its affiliates own and operate 20 platform companies which employ more than 18,000 associates at more than 150 facilities worldwide.  Atlas has a long and distinguished record of strengthening and growing companies, investing both the human and financial capital needed to create long-term, sustainable value.  To learn more about Atlas Holdings, please visit